E-commerce Merchants

E-Commerce Business and merchants

E-Commerce Business and merchants

We all are very well aware that when Business and commercial activities are done Electronically it is referred as E-commerce. Sometimes back it was something which was an advancement in the sector of Business and Commerce but now its a requirement and is taking over rapidly the whole of the market. Present and future of Shopping is online and will be completely online. And this the reason we are seeing numerous start-ups, entrepreneurs starting up with E-Commerce business and achieving their goals and growing globally. It helps a merchant to connect with their customers beyond the boundaries, and even made customer’s experience also fast, seamless, and most convenient.

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A report says that E-Commerce Business sales will cross the figure of $638 Billion by 2018 in the only US using the Mobile devices. Now when you are dealing with an online business in order to take a payment from your customer through their card or electronic check you will essentially need a merchant account.

A PCI compliant Payment gateway which and be integrated with your E-commerce based Business website and allow your Customer to make a transaction online and help in placing an order and paying for it online. And Here is an important Role of Payment service Provider (Merchant Service provider) who will provide an account or gateway for Merchant to take the payments online. Since an E commerce Business can fall under either High Risk category or a low risk Category as per nature and transactions involved in Business a merchant applying for merchant account Must cross check for the business category :

The following criteria is a perfect match for any business that falls within the low-risk category –

  • Every month an amount lower than $20,000 is processed by you
  • The average size of ticket that you posses is lower than $50
  • Your chargeback ratio is quite low
  • The industry that you cater to reflects a lower risk
  • The country of your incorporation falls within a low-risk category

And following is a perfect match for any business that falls within the High-risk category –

  • You have lost your previous merchant account due to high chargeback ratio.
  • Questionable sales and marketing tactics
  • Potential legal and financial liability
  • Your credit is really bad.
  • Industry known for excessive chargebacks or fraud incidents
  • Trial continuity business
  • Previous credit card processing is not good enough
  • You’ve been branded as terminated merchant (TMF).

What steps to be followed while going for an E-Commerce Merchant Account :

Once you are done with your business setup and you have found that your business is under which category, do this.

Simple steps to get a merchant account
  • Choose the Right Domain
  • Pick a Web-Hosting Service
  • Design Your Website
  • Shopping Cart for Online Business
  • Payment Processor Solution for your online Business

Merchant Stronghold is one of the leaders in the merchant account industry. We offer payment Gateways and payment options that are ultimate. Before Opening a merchant account, you should know which account is best for your business. If you choose the right account, it will solve many of your problems and increase profit margin. An E-commerce Business merchant account with Merchant Stronghold will offer you these benefits:

  • Reliable Merchant Account Services
  • Merchant Account Pricing
  • 24/7 Merchant Support

And above all, it will help you in growing your business smoothly.

Document Checklist to Get an Account with Us for Low Risk merchant :

Website Requirements
  • Clear Information on products and services
  • Secure Check out
  • Card Brand Logos
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policy and Refund-Return Policy
  • Customer Service Info
Personal Documents
  • Owner’s Driving license
  • 4 Months Personal Bank Statement
  • Personal Tax Returns
Business Documents
  • Articles of Incorporation of the Business
  • EIN -IRS Document (Federal Tax ID)
  • Business Bank Letter or Void Check
  • 6 Months Business Bank Statements
  • 4 Months Processing Statements
  • Business Tax Returns