Strategic Partnership

Strategic Partnership

Our Strategic Partnership program offers companies or individuals to sell Merchant stronghold’s services with the ability to market them under their company’s name.

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Strategic Partnership


    Ability to market and sell the merchant service under the brand name your company.
  • Earning an attractive amount revenue as a commission and ability offer a wide range of merchant services to your customers.
  • Merchant Stronghold offers a partner manager, that will support you to solve the queries related to offering the merchant services sells.
  • The partnership enhances your ability to add/board merchants of any size and of an industry we serve to be it a high risk or low risk.
  • Ability to directly submit online merchant application under your company name in collaboration with for business worldwide.


  • Priority for the verification of merchant account applications.
  • Name of the company during the merchant account agreement.
  • Ability to show that services are being served under white label.
  • Transfer of responsibility to top priority for the merchant support.
  • Detailed reports of every Merchant’s transaction history.