Website Guidelines

Website Guidelines

All merchants accepting payments online must meet these requirements:

1. DBA and/or legal listed on the application must be reflected on the website.

2. Customer Service contact info (email and/or phone number) must be listed

3. Merchant Addresses for customer correspondence must be listed

4. All services/products must be clearly described and priced (including any third-party or additional fees)

6. Delivery times must be clearly defined (if applicable)

7. Return/Refund/Cancellation Policy must be listed on the checkout page separately or in terms and conditions

8. Link to the Terms and Conditions & Refund Policy must be listed and agreed to on the checkout page.

9. All accepted card brand logos must be visible in full color at checkout the website footer)

10. “USA” or American Flag must be displayed on the checkout page (most commonly included with the address in

11. Must have a valid TLS certificate

12. Provide proof URL is registered domestically to the company and/or signer.


1.1. Labels and ingredients must be clearly displayed on product page for each product

2. FDA Disclaimer must be displayed in the correct format on any page where product is shown: separate box with no additional content, 1/16th font, bold

3. Claims cannot be unrealistic (in marketing or testimonials) and must include words such as “may” or “possibly” to soften claims

4. Celebrity or media endorsements cannot be used unless proof of authorization and authenticity can be provided


Auto-ship/Subscription Merchants

1. Check-box or button for express consent that the customer is enrolling in an ongoing subscription
service for recurring payments

2.Display the following information to the customer that contains:

  • A truncated version of the Stored Credential (for example: last 4 digits of the account number)
  • How the customer will be notified of any changes to the subscription
  • How the Stored Credential will be used
  • The expiration date of the agreement, introductory offer, or promotional period if applicable

3. Clear and easy-to-follow instructions to cancel the subscription or payment method on-line (regardless of how the consumer initially made the purchase)