10 Ways to Start Your Prospecting and Make It Enjoyable

10 Ways to Start Your Prospecting and Make It Enjoyable

10 Ways to Start Your Prospecting and Make It Enjoyable

10 Ways to Start Your Prospecting and Make It Enjoyable

1. Make your first call to an existing customer, with the objective to gain input from them about how much they enjoy working with you and your company. By using an existing customer to motivate you, it’s amazing how much more pumped you’ll be to go find new customers.

2. Plan your prospecting call list the day before. Never start a day not knowing exactly who you will be reaching out to. The easiest way to do this is by making the last thing you do each day to build out the next day’s prospecting list.

3. Have a dedicated time marked on your calendar for making your first call. Block the time and keep it sacred. Do not allow other things to encroach on your prospecting time.

4. Set minimum performance goals for each day. As much as you want each day to deliver huge opportunities, that is simply not going to be the case. Setting expectations too high and not meeting them regularly can and will discourage anyone. Set goals around the number of calls made each day. Use this approach as a way to motivate you.

Move Quickly

5. Move on quickly if you encounter a negative experience. Never allow yourself to take a break from having a bad call. Doing so will for most people have you dwelling on the call and, in turn, psyching you out on the next. When you fall off a horse, you get right back on. The same is true with prospecting calls.

6. Call easy prospects as calls 2 through 5. Remember your first call is to an existing customer. Making easy calls early on will help you build your momentum and prepare you for making the more difficult calls.

7. Keep copies on your desk of positive comments and feedback you’ve received from other customers. Having positive comments on your desk will help pump you up quickly for prospecting.

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Challenge Yourself

8. Challenge yourself by setting a goal as to how early you can start prospecting versus the time you blocked on your calendar. Quit dreading the time to start and make the time to start an objective to be broken.

9. Ten minutes prior to starting prospecting, play your “intro” or “walk up” music. Every athlete has a special song they like to have played when they come up to bat in a baseball game. Adopt the same practice as a way to motivate you.

10. Never forget the value you bring to your customers and how much you know others can benefit once they know what you can provide. Prospecting is the starting point for customers to benefit from you.

Never forget what you’re doing is creating value for the customer! There they are! 10 things you can do right now to help you make sure you’re doing more than just thinking about prospecting.

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10 Ways to Start Your Prospecting and Make It Enjoyable

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